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Welcome to ljuky, this community is for students (current or prospective) and alumni of University of Kentucky. Talk about UK events and issues, gossip about professors and staff, ask questions about life in Lexington, etc. Anything UK or Lexington related goes, as long as you follow the:

1. Don't spam. You can promote communities or events that relate to UK or areas around UK (if you feel your fellow wildcats would be interested in them), but general advertising isn't allowed (e.g. we don't wanna see posts about online pharmacies or magic stop-smoking-cures, etc.) Posts that break this rule will be deleted, and depending on the content, the poster may be banned from the community.
2. Play nice (or at least civil). Don't be rude, mean, racist, sexist or ageist, etc. This is obviously subjective. We can't define it, nor do we intend to. However, that does mean that we're trusting you all to use common sense here. As mods we'll be pretty lenient, and we hope that you'll respect that by not abusing it. If you break this rule (as determined by any of the mods), you will be warned (most likely via a reply to your comment/entry). If you do it again, you will be banned and removed from the community.
3. Stay on topic. Discussion is not limited to specific topics, but try to keep them relevant to UK, Lexington, Kentucky, college-related stuff, topics that wildcats tend to be interested in, etc.
4. Don't flame. It's just rude and annoying and no one wants to read it. Flame posts or comments will be deleted, the poster will be warned once and then banned.
5. Please post comments as comments, not as new entries. Also, please be kind to everyone's friends pages and use LJ-Cut on long entries.
6. New members, please fill out this short survey as your first post so we can all get to know each other a little better:

Location (on campus or off, you may post your dorm, if you like, but no specific room or floor numbers):

Name a few of your favorite...

What do you like best about UK? Least?

Name: Rachel aka racherdoodle
Age: 23
Location: Off campus
Year: Grad Student 1st year
Major/Minor: I graduated in May '05 as an Econ/German major. I'll be starting fall '06 as a first year law student.

Name a few of your favorite...
Bands: mostly alternative stuff.. nine inch nails, ben folds, modest mouse, sigur ros, belle and sebastian, white stripes.. a bunch more, but I don't feel like typing any more and you probably don't care
Movies: Garden State, Rules of Attraction, The Edukators, I heart Huckabees, Napolean Dynamite, Eurotrip, Run Lola Run...
Books: Sommerhaus Spaeter by Judith Herrmann, Wasted by Marya Hornbacher, the Harry Potter books
Interests: hanging out with friends, listening to music, reading, travel, shopping, languages, strip foosball, movies

What do you like best about UK? The students. I came from a really small town and an equally small high school, so it was really cool to get to meet so many new people.
Least? Parking!

Name: Leslie aka loopyliza
Age: 20
Location: I'm a Blazer Babe (remember, it's better up north!). :)
Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Special Education MSD - Which has allowed me to take electives in virtually every subject!

Name a few of your favorite...
Bands: Brand New, Relient K, Trendy, The Juliana Theory, and a whole bunch more no one has ever heard of. :D
Movies: Star Wars because how can you not? Male and Female because I'm amazed with the things that movie conveys without spoken language. Also, The Pillow Book, because I've never seen such a good book turned into such an equally good movie.
Books: Anything by Audrey Schulman. Seriously read her stuff. She's my hero. Ishiguro's When We Were Orphans and well, everything else are also dear to my heart.
Interests: I am Suzy Homemaker. Swear. I am obsessed with knitting. Best part? I can do it while reading! Also, cooking and sewing are particularly enjoyable. See, Suzy Homemaker. :)

What do you like best about UK? The people. Sure, the opportunities are great. Yes the campus is pretty. Would that really mean anything if there was no one to enjoy it with? You can come to UK knowing no one and within a semester you'll have 100 new friends. That's what makes it great.
Least? Parking. Enough said? I thought so.

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I'm sure there are swarms of other related communities out there. If you know of one I haven't posted please email one of us mods and we'll post it!

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